About Me

Hi, my name is Josh Latham. I'm a self taught 3D artist interested in selling my work on creative market. I'm mainly interested in selling my high-res rendered models made into PNGs with transparent backgrounds that can be used as accents or elements.

About My Process

I prefer making my 3D models appear as if they were drawn flat. When rendering my models I eliminate almost all specular. All highlights are drawn in during the texturing process which I prefer to do by hand in photoshop. I use a Hemi light to flatten my models even further. I find, the less I depend on automatic shadows/highlights and specular in rendering, the more original and less automated looking my models become. I'm always trying to acheive a hand drawn human touch and warmth to everything I create.

email: lathamgraphics@outlook.com

Tea Pot
Strawberry Cupcake
Tea Tin
Tea Cup
Tea Towel
Baby Bottle
Baby Rattle
Tea Pot
Confectionery Cottage Exhibit Poster
Low Poly Turtle Tea Pot
Head Mannequin