Josh Latham

Hi, My name is Josh Latham. I'm the owner of Reflect Design dot com.

I have played with machine embroidery since the early 2000s when I bought my first embroidery machine, a Singer Futura. At the same time I started learning how to digitize my own designs using the first edition of DRAWings software. Today I am using Embrilliance Stitch Artist 3 to hand digitize my designs and use a Brother PE800 to test stitch them.

I hope to make Reflect Design an inspirational place to come for people who sew and craft. Although I have mostly embroidery designs at the moment, I have plans to expand with more printable patterns and various pdfs.

Besides my interest in embroidery, I am a self taught pattern maker and I was a contract sewer for over 20 years. Check out some of my personal finished objects below.

I also love 3D modeling and am an expert at using Blender software. Machine embroidery, 3D modeling, pattern making all require you to use both sides of your brain and I love to be challenged in that way.

And when I find the time I love reading a good book. I prefer nonfiction mostly.

Please consider joining me on instagram. I'd love to see how my embroidery or sewing patterns are being used, so don't hesitate to email me pics of your finished objects.

Examples of my sewing and pattern making skills

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